Tips to Handle Guests Complaints

Running a cleaning business is not easy, we all know that. From the amount of visitors to the size of the homes, to the dedication to beauty, cleanliness and disinfection, challenges can always arise. Plus, Santa Fe, NM offers many options in the vacation rental cleaning services category, and with the amount of Airbnb and vacation rental options, competition can be fierce. 

But not everything is so dark. There are many things you can do to deal with these challenges, from training your staff better to trying new cleaning products or finding new ways to clean better. Now, what happens when you need to address Guests complaints related to house cleaning services? 
Here are some tips that will help you tackle those circumstances better, and above all, leave the Guests feeling satisfied with your answers: 

Stay in touch with your Guests: Don’t talk to them only at check in or check out. Regular communication could help you anticipate any issues, or address them promptly if they happen, particularly when they are related to house cleaning. You can also ask Guests about the state of the house and their satisfaction with the different features, so you know better what areas might need your attention. 

Have a plan: Answering bad reviews or Guest complaints can be not only time consuming but also very demanding. That’s why it’s better if you create a response strategy, a way to address any issue that arises in a respectful and timely way. From the right language to specific actions to be taken at moments of crisis, a plan should be established and be known to all of those involved in the house cleaning and caring. 

Train your employees beyond cleaning: Sure, as a house cleaning professional you pride yourself in training employees to leave any Airbnb or vacation rental spotless from floor to ceiling, but what happens when those employees have to deal directly with Guests? That could happen, in particular for Maid Services (offered by HomeHotel Luxury Cleaning), when employees deal with Guests directly. They should know proper ways to respond questions, tend to their needs and address complaints on the spot.  Responding correctly to Guests complaints can make a lasting impression, and in the vacation and Airbnb rental business, this impression will go a long way.

Working with Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning for your Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe NM will give you the satisfaction to count with a team of professionals, who not only provide excellent cleaning services but also are trained to deal with Guests complaints when or if they happen. Call Home Hotel Luxury today at (505) 401-4032 to talk about our services, such as maid service for Airbnb, special laundry or deep cleaning, to Airbnb Consulting Services.