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Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning offers a variety of expert cleaning services for your vacation rental. Whether you are interested in an extensive deep clean, or simple check in service, our experience and quality control ensure you and your guests’ satisfaction.

Check-In / Freshen Up

About The Service

We know how much energy you put in having a booking, so our Check-In / Freshen Up Service prepares the house with a light cleaning, performed right before your guests’ arrival. This is an ideal way to guarantee the most pleasurable first impression.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning will take care of everything, making sure that all is in perfect order. Those homeowners who don’t reside in Santa Fe will be made aware of every process and detail of the service through reports made via phone call, e-mail or text messages.

This service includes:

Check-Out / Exit Clean

About The Service

The Check-Out / Exit Clean Service is a deep cleaning performed when your tenant’s rental contract has ended. A Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning team takes charge the same day or the day after the end of the vacation rental contract.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning leaves the house exactly as the tenants found it at the time of their arrival: fresh, clean, and ready to be relished to the fullest. We replace supplies, wash all fabrics and bedding, dust, vacuum, and add new amenities. Our team organizes all house items according to the quality standards of Home Hotel.



Living & Dining Areas



Maid service during stay

About The Service

Vacation Rental Maid Service is a light cleaning performed during your tenants’ stay In Santa Fe New Mexico. We freshen up and organize all visible items, including a change of sheets and towels and make sure their belongings are in the place they request.

Your guest can schedule the day and time of the service, so we are always available to fit all their needs.




Living & Dining Areas

Deep cleaning

About The Service

Deep Cleaning Vacation Rental / Airbnb is a Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning service is so detailed that it’s performed only twice a year. However, we can also perform this service when you decide to put your second home in the Vacation Rental market.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning leaves your house in perfect condition in order to receive your first guest. Organize and stage all house items according to the quality standards of Home /Hotel.

The Deep Cleaning Service helps you to enter in the Vacation Rental industry in the proper way and according to the norms and international standards.


Dining Room | Living Room | Bedroom



Laundry Area

Ceilings & Walls

Bedding Services

Steaming & Ironing

Home Hotel offers ironing and steaming of all pillowcases and duvet covers, to deliver outstanding experience for your guests.

In the vacation rental market, the condition of the bedding is crucial. There is practically no other detail that makes such an important impression on guests. A well-prepared bed gives a perception of high standard and comfort.

Special Laundry

Home Hotel provides do the laundry out of the property when the items are big or needs special care. We take items and bring back to the house in perfect condition.

Dry Cleaning

Home Hotel understand that many items need to be dropped off at the dry cleaners when necessary. These items are very important because they are part of the decoration of bedrooms and living rooms.

We provide the service to drop off and pick up to our local dry cleaning service and bring them back to the house.

Replace Damaged Items

Home Hotel will take care in replacing bedding items when is necessary. After many bookings we need to check the condition of the bedding to make sure we keep a high standard.

Additional Services


Home Hotel offers an expert service that stages the entire property to enhance its features and make it even more desirable for renters. We arrange each room of your Vacation Rental property, from kitchen drawers, cabinets and closets to bedding, towels and supplies.

The staging and organization does not only beautify the place, but it allows you and all renters to easily find out where everything is and how to best enjoy the house upon arrival.

Our staging service adds a 5-star hotel experience to make the property absolutely striking.

Supplies and Amenities

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning buys and replaces all the supplies needed to welcome your guest. Home owners can also decide to store their own supplies, and our team uses them to restock before any new booking.

Our idea of amenities is the same as any 5-star hotel. We can stock the following items:


Our vision of Vacation Rental is unique, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our consulting services help you prepare your house to become a preferred vacation rental property.

In the vacation rental industry in Santa Fe, New Mexico, every detail is crucial. From the decision of which bedding to purchase to what kitchen appliances to choose… everything counts and makes part of the overall impression.

The complete staging of the house makes all the difference to have successful rentals and repeated bookings.

Maintenance Support

Home Hotel is the first to view your vacation property after a tenancy. We are checking the condition of the house in every exit clean.

If we find any issue related with the maintenance of the house, Home Hotel will provide a reliable list of vendors to homeowners for them to contact them when necessary.

Quality Control

This report is sent to the homeowner after every exit clean. We will include pictures of the entire house, ensuring you can view the quality of our service.

The report includes the maintenance issues to take care when necessary.


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