Are you open 24/7?

Always on time! Weekend and Holiday

Are you flexible to receive last minute bookings?

Yes, we are always open to receive last minute bookings.

Do you report damage or missing items after each departure?

Yes, if we see something out of the ordinary we send a complete report.

Do you have enough employees to provide the cleaning services?

Yes, we have enough employees and all training with our standard.

What its your time of response for any requirement?

What its your time of response for any requirement?

Do you Provide your own cleaning products and equipment?

Yes, we bring our own cleaning products and vacuum (dyson).

Do you do back to back?

Yes, we can handle back to back bookings.

Do you provide your services out of Santa Fe area?

No, we only provide services in Santa Fe area.

Do you have a bounded license?

Yes, we have a liability to cover any damage or accident inside the property. All our employees are under worker compensation.

Payments methods

We receive Venmo, Paypal and check.


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