Wellness and Vacation Rental Cleaning in Santa Fe NM

The business of vacation rentals has changed drastically in the past 3 years. Airbnb and Vrbo vacation rental by owners in Santa Fe NM have had to expand their services beyond comfort and cleanliness to attract more Guests. Many have expanded to offer wellness services along with a place to stay. And with that expansion, the need for a  r a good partner in cleaning services, has become even more necessary. And Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning know everything about this business! 

Many vacation rental owners started offering additional cleaning services for Guests, so they could have more relaxing vacations knowing a team of house cleaning professionals would be taking care of all cleaning needs. But others have added different wellness options, such as as yoga or pilates classes, gym access, massages, etc. After all, people come to the city to relax, disconnect, reconnect with themselves. 

Cleaning Services for Wellness Traveling

Yes, you can offer more services and increase income. Adding wellness services to your Airbnb – VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner in Santa Fe NM can be a good idea.  Think about your vacation rental property. Can you turn a space into a yoga room or decorate a corner where the sun shines through to become a mediation space? People travel to Santa Fe NM to find respite, and a comfortable stay that includes access to any wellness practice is always welcome. To get your mind going, here are 3 types of wellness traveling that may spark ideas. 

Emotional wellness: Having a meditation room or a space dedicated to exercise inside the property will give you bonus points. If something like this becomes part of your offering, talk to your cleaning services professionals to perform deep cleaning to these areas frequently.

Spiritual wellness: Santa Fe NM is a special place, no doubt about that. A place where spiritual healing can happen just by taking a walk and appreciating the landscape. A perfect compliment to this are, for instance, bedding services offered by vacation rental cleaning companies in Santa Fe NM, because a good night sleep in a well-made bed is restoring and spiritual as well. 

Social wellness: Art and food experiences will definitely benefit the heart and soul of anyone. Specially when they are shared with others with the same goal. When your Guests want to socialize and throw dinner parties or simply not bother with house cleaning, Maid service is a great alternative to offer, and it’s a service option you can choose from as a Airbnb or Vrbo vacation rental owner.

Besides reinvigorating the body and mind, vacationers are looking for a place to call home. Your property might be just that when you offer the right amenities and work with a vacation rental cleaning service in Santa Fe NM to cover all the bases. Contact Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning to have the best cleaning services partners in Santa Fe, NM. Leave the house cleaning to us, so you can focus on making the arrangements and bookings of your Airbnb or Vrbo vacation rental by owner. Call us today at (505) 401-4032 or click here to contact us.