Great House Cleaning Means More Bookings

Summer time is around the corner and with them, a busy season for Airbnb and vacation rental owners. One trend to note is the influx of European vacationers coming to the United States, and Santa Fe, NM is not at exception. 

In New Mexico, for cleaning services in Santa Fe, regardless of where the guests are from, what truly matters is providing outstanding vacation rental cleaning services, something that makes guests and hosts very, very happy. 

But besides finding a clean space, how can you do your best as an Airbnb host to ensure more bookings? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind: 

Study Airbnb SEO practices: As a host, you have access to a set of tools that help you rank your property better on the site. But you can also study other ways to use SEO practices to drive more potential guests to your property. Dedicate some time to learn about it and review your listing(s) with these practices in mind to make the proper changes. But remember: if your promise something on the description of your vacation rental, you must deliver. Guests will expect a clean place if that’s what you promote so it’s best to work with cleaning services in New Mexico that know how to work in this business.

Have a strong presence: Perhaps your Airbnb property is a side hustle for you, so you try to maximizer your time and turn on ‘Automatic Booking’. That’s a great feature to have. But on top of that, you need to dedicate time to your listing on a daily basis. By logging in daily, the algorithm picks up activity and you may boost your ranking. Communicate with guests only through the site or app, not only so you can log in daily but also for safety and security reasons. 

Respond to reviews: Answering guests concerns or thanking them for their reviews shows that you care, and again, helps your listing rank better. Reviews are crucial for Airbnb owners, and a clean property is a sure way to score good points with guests. Work with your cleaning services company to learn some tricks of the trade to enhance the cleanliness of your house, adding small touches such as folding the bathroom tissue or offering bathroom amenities like shampoo and conditioner.  

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