Deep Cleaning Service for Airbnb


Deep Cleaning Vacation Rental is a Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning service is so detailed that it’s performed only twice a year. However, we can also perform this service when you decide to put your second home in the Vacation Rental market.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning leaves your house in perfect condition in order to receive your first guest. Organize and stage all house items according to the quality standards of Home /Hotel.

The Deep Cleaning Service helps you to enter in the Vacation Rental industry in the proper way and according to the norms and international standards.



  • Clean the stove
  • Clean oven inside and out
  • Clean refrigerator inside and out
  • Clean sink inside and out
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Clean coffee maker
  • Clean trash can inside and out
  • Clean Kitchen furnitures
  • Vacuum and clean furniture
  • Clean and degrease grill
  • Clean hood inside and out
  • Clean and disinfect Surfaces
  • Clean and organize under the sink
  • Remove crumbs from toaster
  • Clean small appliances
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Clean and organize all drawers inside
  • Clean tables and floors
  • Organize dishes by size and color
  • Clean and stack serving dishes with their covers
  • Organize kitchen utensils
  • Organize napkins and cloths
  • Organize products under the sink
  • Clean all plugs and switches
  • Organize glasses
  • Clean pot lids and set on pots
  • Organize knives, forks, and spoons
  • Organize drawer with manuals and flashlights
  • Organize and stacks neatly all inside Pantry

Dining Room | Living Room | Bedroom

  • Dust all picture frames
  • Dust all decorative objects
  • Clean lamps and lampshades, dust light bulbs
  • Dust TV, and stereo systems, wipe clean and sanitize
  • Dust and clean entertainment stand
  • Dust drawers in dressers and night tables
  • Dust and organize bookshelves
  • Dust and vacuum curtains and blinds
  • Vacuum floors, including under furniture
  • Vacuum all rugs and mats
  • Vacuum couch and lounge chairs even under cushions
  • Make beds
  • Dust and clean all furniture
  • Clean fireplaces and remove ashes
  • Dust vigas and corners/spiderweb free
  • Dust shelves and books
  • Vacuum and mop Floors
  • Clean floors closets
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Dust curtains and blinds
  • Dust hangers
  • Place cushions and decorations
  • Organize books
  • Place Rugs and mats correctly
  • Fold and place extra bedding


  • Clean and disinfect showers
  • Clean Jacuzzi / disinfect inside system
  • Clean and disinfect WC’s
  • Clean and disinfect sinks
  • Clean drawers inside and out
  • Clean furniture inside and out
  • Clean and polish Faucets
  • Leave tiles free of mold
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean toothbrush holders and soap dishes
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Fold and place towels
  • Tie bathrobes according
  • Organize products on sink


    • Blow terraces
    • Clean terrace furniture
    • Clean terrace cushions
    • Clean barbecue/grill
    • Clean front door and entrance
    • Clean entry light fixtures
    • Sweep fireplace
    • Clean BBQ utensils
    • Clean front door

Laundry Area

  • Clean washer and dryer inside and out
  • Clean behind and between washer and dryer
  • Clean lint container
  • Clean and mop floors
  • Organize all products and personal items in the correct position

Ceilings & Walls

  • Dust ceilings
  • Wash vigas
  • Clean air conditioner registers
  • Clean all plugs and electric switches
  • Dust corners and remove spider webs
  • Wash molding
  • Clean heater registers


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