When hosting for Airbnb or any other platform for short rentals, planning is of the essence. You plan to organize your Airbnb cleaning services; you have a trusted cleaning company and organize the type of services you want to offer guests. But you also plan ahead for the slow season.

This planning shouldn’t only include the financial aspect of saving and distributing your income to ensure you and your family never lack for anything. When it comes to short rentals, planning also means staying on top of your game to make the best of the slow season. We’ve collected the following tips from experts in the industry:

Analyze the whole year. When is your slow season? What factors contribute to this slow down? Are others in the business experiencing the same? Answers to these questions will help you find solutions and devise a plan to address what you can, becoming more efficient. Also, knowing when there are going to be less guests can help contact your Airbnb Cleaning Services in Santa Fe to do a thorough cleanup of your property.

Build a rapport with Guests. It’s not about following up constantly, but about the services you provide once Guests are staying in. Do you only text then when they need something? Never call or show up face to face to greet, solve any issues, or provide recommendations? The best way to ensure they will return is to create a human connection and establish the possibility of their return while they are enjoying the property and your services.

Upgrade your listing and/or provide discounts. Take new pictures, enhance the description and why not, refresh any area with new decoration or new paint. And if you know the off season is coming, start offering a discounted rate for those dates. Many vacationers look for deals in advance, and this is a chance for you to book way in advance.

Tackle the house from ceiling to floor. Airbnb cleaning costs in Santa Fe are totally worth it for your business, not only for regular cleaning between Guests but also for when you need to spruce up the property.  Decluttering, moving furniture around to clean between nooks and crannies, washing up bedding, curtains and other elements will make your property look and feel like brand new.  

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