It’s safe to say that the worst of the pandemic is in the past, and most people are looking for ways to live life as it was ‘before’ or at least as similar as possible. One of the aspects that has slowly but surely regain strength is traveling, not only for vacation but also for business. Certainly, all of those involved in the Airbnb Cleaning Services have noticed the difference, and Santa Fe hasn’t been the exception.

Apparently, too much screen time has produced a kind of burn out that has made teams want to get together and brainstorm in the same room, go to conferences, network, and have impromptu conversations, those that can only happen when meeting in person. And these business travelers are not only staying for a few days; thanks to remote work they are taking the chance to stay for a while longer, so Airbnb and vacation rental options make sense for them.

What can Hosts and owners stay booked and have great reviews? Here are 5 tips”

  1. Work with a professional cleaning service company. You probably already do, but if this is not the case, you are missing out on better ratings and more bookings. Business travelers are savvy, and cleanliness is paramount for them. After long work sessions or sales meetings, all they want is a clean, fresh place they can relax and feel at home in.
  2. Offer some flexibility. Being flexible with some amenities will give you an edge over other options Guests may have, in particular when it comes to check-in and check-out times. You can easily plan with your cleaning services provider to turn the property around in the time you need, still offering guests a bit of leeway
  3. Make it a business class experience. Boost up the power of your Internet/WiFi speed, and any business travel will love you! Think about other business-like amenities to offer, such as an office space —it could be as simple as a separate desk with a monitor and some office supplies—. Also, have power outlets or extension cords available, keep wine or hard sodas in the fridge, and of course, make sure to list these amenities as part of the Airbnb or vacation rental description.
  4. Partner up and make extra money. Business travelers look for personalized experiences, and you can look for affiliates in your area to help you offer added services and experiences to Guests. Think about what businesses in Santa Fe that can partner with you to offer discounts or create affiliate partnerships. Consider gyms, spas, nail/hair salons, restaurants, etc.
  5. Add your property as a business travel listing. Along with Airbnb, other vacation rental booking services and OTAs have upgraded their game and have amplified their offerings for business travelers. You can take advantage of it by listing your property as ‘business-ready’, one that includes the addition of daily cleaning services, for instance, so both vacation dwellers and business travelers can see it as an option and choose what suits them best.

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