Whether guests are staying for a short or long period, they may expect to see some laundry indications as part of the check in or check out instructions. Many hosts offer a laundry room, but even those who don’t should consider including tips or resources for those guests who need to wash their clothes.

A laundry room or solutions for laundry are part of many guests cleaning expectations when renting a vacation home, and there are simple things you can do to help them in this area. We’ve all been there: when traveling, dealing with laundry is almost as painful as when you unpack and see the pile of dirty clothes that awaits.

Here are some laundry tips to keep in mind, for travelers, guests and hosts of Airbnb or any other vacation rental service:

Think of laundry when packing: When choosing what to bring, make sure your decision making includes clothes that if needed, can dry faster and can be hand-washed. Usually, natural fibers such as cotton and wool take longer to dry, whereas synthetic fibers dry faster and get less wrinkled.

Recycle and reuse: Take your dry-cleaner’s bags and use them to pack wrinkle-prone items. Lay flat and pack the rest around that. Also, don’t discard any paper towel tubes! They serve to fold shorts, dresses, or pants… and voilà wrinkles are minimized!

Don’t be shy and ask your Airbnb host: Many hosts don’t list laundry as part of their amenities but if you see the opportunity, ask the host to borrow the washer and drier… it never hurts.

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