When guests are looking on Airbnb or any other site for a place to stay during vacation in Santa Fe, they are looking for somewhere comfortable, a beautiful and clean setting they can call home for a few days. And the best cleaning companies know how to help vacation rental owners showcase the best of each place, to get booked and stayed booked. 

But how? By providing the best cleaning services possible, and also by staging the house or apartment to enhance its features and make it even more desirable for renters visiting Santa Fe. Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning professionals go beyond cleaning, and can also arrange each room of your vacation rental property, from kitchen drawers, cabinets and closets to bedding, towels and supplies. 

Staging is a service all Airbnb host need at all times, not only when taking pictures to advertise any property. Here are some cleaning and staging tips to make the best first impression: 

  • Entrance: Keep door and door frame clean, and get rid of any clutter that can be seen as soon as the front door opens. 
  • Set the scene: Set each room for its purpose. The living room should be inviting and cozy, and the bedrooms should feel relaxing and comfortable. Use pillows, throws and other decor tricks to create the right ambiance. 
  • Lighting: Make the best of the home’s natural light and add fixtures where necessary. These add brightness to any room and can also become decorative focal points, but attract a lot of dust, so they need frequent attention.
  • Details: Having essential supplies in the kitchen and bathrooms goes further than you think. Even if they don’t use them, guests see these as a nice gesture and way to make them feel welcome. Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning also offers the possibility to buy and replace all the supplies needed to welcome your guest.

Besides providing the best cleaning services in Santa Fe, our staging service adds a 5-star hotel experience to make any vacation rental property look absolutely striking. And as an Airbnb property owner in Santa Fe, you can get in touch with Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning to get superb cleaning services ranging from maid service for Airbnbspecial laundry or deep cleaning, to Airbnb Consulting Services. Call us at (505) 401-4032.