Enchanting Guests in Santa Fe NM

You did your work during the fall of last year. You updated the listing to highlight its best features for winter in Santa Fe NM, changed prices, invested in decorations and hired house cleaning services to do a full winter cleaning prep. Now the guests are arriving to their vacation rental in Santa Fe and more are bound to come to NM… Now what? 

Well, this is the perfect opportunity to really wow the guests that have booked your rental property to enjoy the cooler temperatures with their loved ones. People want to find the best vacation rental possible, and sometimes renting an Airbnb house can make people nervous, as they don’t know for sure how it’s going to look in real life. 

The first impression is key, and it’s been stated before that perfect house cleaning and overall cleanliness are the #1 way to make the best impression and get excellent ratings. But, along with house cleaning, prompt customer service makes the best pairing for outstanding ratings and Guest satisfaction. What can you do to make their winter stay unforgettable? Here are some ideas. 

1) Clear snow buildup before guest check-in: Way to make an entrance! You don’t want them to trip over the luggage in the snow, or don’t have a clear view of the property because the pathway is filled with snow. Shovel it away before the Guests arrive, so that their check-in is as smooth as possible. Basically, shoveling the snow is another service to be offered as part of the list of cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM.

2) Set temperature to 70 degrees: Arriving from a crowded airport, perhaps not fully outfitted for cooler temperatures, your Guests will love finding a warm place to rest and charge up! Setting your thermostat to a cozy temperature will not only provide a warm and cozy welcome, but it will also help prevent pipes from freezing. Good for you, the Host, and for them, the Guests. 

3) Comfort always: This is the time to invest in warm extra blankets or cozy throws, elements around the house to ensure those more sensitive to the cold always have additional ways to warm up after a day outside in the snow. How warming and hose cleaning during the winter in Santa Fe go hand in hand!

4) Provide local recommendations: You probably do this already for all other seasons, so make sure to update your local guidebook or provide recommendations for specific winter activities and attractions in the area. This local guidebook can even be provided to Guests in advance, so they are aware of any winter festivals or scenic winter walks to add to their family programming while planning the trip.

5) Emergency supplies and essentials: Anticipate winter-related needs and stock up on those for Guests to use. Set a place for umbrellas or a snow shovel and let Guests know. Also, as with other essentials you may have in the kitchen, think about others that might be useful during winter such as hot chocolate and marshmallows, hot drinks and yummy snacks. These little details will go a long way. 

Good Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe can and will help you set up your rental property to exceed expectations and wow all Guests. Remember that vacation rental cleaning goes beyond the obvious and requires doing a little extra, because winter in Santa Fe and all of New Mexico brings a different set of needs for Guests. So, look no further and call us today (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, NM. Tell us your house cleaning goals and we will work together to leave your home spotless and ready to receive Guests any time of the year! You can also contact us here to get a free estimate!