You and Your Airbnb in Santa Fe, NM: Ready For The Holidays

’Tis the season when your rental property is (hopefully) fully booked and you are ready to enjoy the holidays with family and friends but also ready and set with your team to properly manage everything that happens during this busy season in Santa Fe and surrounding areas in New Mexico. 

As you know, winter is a great time for you as an Airbnb property owner or manager, since the mountains in and around Santa Fe NM are fantastic for all sorts of winter activities. As mentioned on previous articles, there are many ways to improve your property listing to make it more appealing for Guests, specially when it comes to Airbnb cleaning services. But there are other things to do, and if you haven’t started, here are two key things you need to tackle: 

Increase your prices: All within reason, and keeping in mind the demand in your area. You can indeed up the prices a bit, since Santa Fe is popular at this time of year. This is particularly true if your Airbnb property is located in areas with easy access to sky and other activities or in the center of the city. 

Change the headline in your listing: You already know what makes your property stand out. Now, which of those qualities are best suited for winter season? Warm place, walking-distance to hiking trails? Use those best features to describe the Airbnb property in the headline, and you’ll see more clicks for sure in no time!

Besides Airbnb cleaning that’s thorough and professional, what other things can you do to spruce up the property and improve your ratings and the comfort of Guests? Here are some ideas: 

Enhance the decoration: White string lights go a long way and make the place more festive. An elegant wreath hung at the door will make a fantastic first impression. Talk to your your cleaning service professional about cleaning the fireplace if the property has one, add some stockings or some decorations that are festive but without any religious association.

When in doubt, ask: When hosting families for the holidays, ask them in advance what plans they have in mind. That way you can prepare and offer specific things they may need for their celebrations. You can offer napkins or tablecloth with specific Christmas decorations, for example. You can also leave a small christmas tree and ornaments for kids to decorate and make the place a home away from home. 

Prepare your cleaning crew: They should know if your Guests are planning big dinners or celebrations, so the vacation rental cleaning team can prepare ahead of time. They may consider they need more time to clean the property after a gatherring, or if cleaning prior to a party, they can leave some scented candles in place or take out any tablecloths or utensils you may have in store for Guests to use.  

Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe can be your best partners during the holiday seasons. With a high turnover, you need experts by your side to expedite the process and have peace of mind. With the right house cleaning service you can eliminate cleaning from your to-do list, and take care of other needs of your Guests or even take time to enjoy with your loved ones. We’re positive that going for Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning will be your best decision, all-year-round because when it comes to cleaning services in Santa Fe, HomeHotel offering is everything you need, providing outstanding vacation rental cleaning services. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, NM.