Privacy and Relaxation, Top of Mind for Guests

Along with cleanliness, privacy and relaxation have become top of mind for vacation rental guests in 2023. Those who visit Santa Fe, NM are not an exception. As more families decide to take their lives on the road and explore many states and cities, their needs are changing a little, and vacation rental or Airbnb cleaning services should take note to provide all the features Guests are looking for. 

Privacy can be seen in different ways. One way to look at it is thinking about properties located in more remote or tranquil areas, instead of busy urban hubs. In this setting, privacy might mean more space or more contact with nature. But privacy also means having the certainty to be safe and secure while staying at any vacation rental. For vacation rental owners, bigger properties imply working harder to offer great services, and working with an outstanding house cleaning service is essential.

Besides cleanliness guidelines, to maintain an environment of physical safety and to keep the privacy of users, Airbnb has a set of rules for things that are allowed or prohibited. These are: 

Allowed: Host can/may re-enter their property only when there is an objective emergency, or after a guest has given explicit permission for Host to enter. In this case, both parts have to be clear about the reason for the Host’s visit and what the visit entails. For example, if there are cleaning service professionals entering for your property, you must let the Guests know about it, or viceversa. 

Not allowed: Accessing the property without any explicit permission. Neither the Host nor anyone that works for them can enter the property without Guest’s permission. It’s also not allowed to use any areas of the property for any reason without permission from Guests. This applies to shared or entire home stays. And last but not least, something that seems obvious but it needs to be remembered: no parts involved can share private or confidential details, along with photos and videos of both Guests and Hosts, unless, of course, there is consent for it. 

House cleaning employees in Santa Fe NM are very much aware of these rules, as they work in vacation rental properties in every corner of the city. For them, beyond ensuring outstanding cleaning services, privacy is part of their job. They want to do their best to make sure any house or property looks clean and fresh, enhancing an ambiance of relaxation.

Providing a great Guest experience at your vacation rental is, sometimes, easier than you think. Setting clear rules, abiding to them and providing a clean, comfortable place is the best way to start. And you can ensure that experience is ten times greater when you use Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning Airbnb cleaning services. We offer a range of services tailored to the needs of vacation rental owners, from maid service for Airbnb, special laundry or deep cleaning, to Steaming and Ironing Bedding. Call us today at (505) 401-4032