It’s Time to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Yes, you read that right. It’s September and it’s time to sit down and set your plan for Thanksgiving. Plan what? Well, according to experts in the vacation home rental cleaning and Airbnb segment, Thanksgiving will be one the busiest periods of 2023 for those in the vacation rental industry. And of course, Santa Fe NM is a city that won’t be an exception.

The number one item in your action plan should be house cleaning services. Say you have an Airbnb that’s ideal for families. Would you need an extra hand to turn the property around faster? Have you considered offering Maid Service for Guests, so they can count on cleaning professionals before, during or after their friends and family Thanksgiving feast? 

You should consider these and other ideas to stay ahead of the game and have a successful holiday season, with happy guests and steady income. But to make this happen, you must count with a great partner, a reliable and professional house cleaning service in Santa Fe, NM.
Also, here are some other thoughts areas to review and improve before November creeps in and catches you unprepared:  

Review cash flow and projections: As recommended before, you should have done this by mid-year, but summer vacations may have gotten on the way, and that’s alright. Do it now so you can figure out where is your money is coming in and going out, to maintain your Airbnb or vacation rental business thriving. See where you can trim costs without sacrificing your Guests experience. 

Review your SEO keywords: Many groups of friends and families are already looking to book their Thanksgiving getaway, and you want to be on top of their list. Use the resources your Airbnb or Vrbo platforms offer, and remember that giant search engine, so you can apply SEO best practices on different postings you create on the social media channels for your property/properties.  

Review and update decor: A minor investment can go a long way! Guests love small details such as beautiful blankets and throws or a well-decorated chimney that inspires gathering around with loved ones to tell stories. Visit second-hand or discount stores to find bargains, those items that look very nice and don’t cost much. Work in tandem with your house cleaning service professionals to help you stage each room in the best possible way.

Review your current Airbnb Cleaning service provider: On a recent survey done to travelers, 63% of respondents said that cleanliness is a vital factor when booking any accommodation, even more important than price, location, extra fees and amenities. Have a conversation with your cleaning service provider and look for options to maintain the property spotless, and more importantly, to make sure it is and it feels fresh and clean as soon as Guests arrive. First impressions do matter!

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is by your side to better manage all your house and Airbnb cleaning needs in Santa Fe, NM. Cleanliness is a priority to the success of any vacation rental business, and partnering with HomeHotel Luxury Cleaning will make all the difference. All you have to do is contact us today and we can discuss which one of our services works best for you: cleaning for short rental properties  maid service for Airbnb, special laundry or deep cleaning. Call us today at (505) 401-4032.