Mid-year Property and Cleaning Review

The first half of the year has come and gone, and (hopefully) you have been very busy tending to your Airbnb and vacation property clients, while keeping an eye on the wellbeing of the property. The last summer clients are coming in or will stay until the end of August, and you may have a few day off in September… the perfect time to assess and review what you need to do to the property in Santa Fe, NM in order to increase your bookings and reviews. 

What can you do to have a more pristine Airbnb or vacation property for the rest of the year? Here are some ideas, which can be done perfectly working together with a vacation rental cleaning company:

Stop and take stock. Check the entire house for possible items that have been broken, screws to tighten or bedding that has been stained. Check all the linens and replace those that look colorless or simply old. These little details go a long way when it comes to reviews. 

Deep cleaning. Good cleaning must be a priority for any Airbnb or vacation rental owner no matter what time of the year, but mid-year is a perfect time to examine what areas of the house need deep cleaning and tackle those immediately. For instance, prior to September in Santa Fe it’s a good idea to take care of the chimney (should the property have one) as well as the oven, since both things are going to be heavily used during the fall and winter approaching.

Readjust policies as needed. Because COVID changed the way people travel, you may have seen different trends altering the way you manage your rental property, and you may need to review your policies or other activities related to it. For instance, is cleaning an issue in your reviews? Are you happy with your Airbnb cleaning service in Santa Fe? Are people leaving the property in conditions that are not acceptable? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your cleaning fee. Remember that anytime is a good time to change your policies according to Airbnb’s rules, but also according to what you think is best for the Guests you are receiving and, of course, for the benefit of your business.  

Rewrite the listing. Beyond thinking about SEO or what is currently trendy in your area, think about the time of the year. What do you think people will be looking for the most during the second half of the year? If families have been renting your property this year, think about how to craft the description to match their needs, or mention places in town the family can enjoy while staying at your place. Besides a clean house to stay in, what people want is to make the best of their time in town, and you can anticipate some of their needs and entice them with a rich description. 

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