Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental? Clean it properly!

The recent COVID-19 pandemic did not only cause the work nomads movement. It has also changed the way we clean our homes and expect vacation rental cleaning services to work for us. It has as well, make many people pet owners, so all cleaning needs and routines have definitely changed. Many dogs and cats were adopted for people who felt lonely or wanted to give more love and care to another living being. In any case, these two factors have combined and now many Airbnb Guests visiting Santa Fe NM and surrounding areas are looking for pet-Friendly accommodations to stay for long or short periods. 

This, of course, enhances the need to hire cleaning services for any and all Airbnb hosts. But let’s back up. While you make the call to hire an Airbnb cleaning service provider in Santa Fe, NM, you can choose to make your Airbnb or vacation rental property a pet-friendly place, and adapt it to the needs of pet owners, and of course, the animals. Here are some tips to get started: 

Know the rules. Airbnb leaves hosts the choice of making their property pet friendly or not. However, it’s important to know that all service animals cannot on any property when they are with their owner. Dog-friendly Airbnbs are the most common, but you can specify which types of pets you want to allow at your property. 

Charge what’s fair. Usually, when accommodating pets, Hosts charge based on three characteristics of the pet: breed (if it sheds a lot of hair, cleaning is harder, therefore the charges should be higher), size (smaller dogs may make less mess or are less prone to accidents) and age. You decide what is fair according to the other characteristics of the rental property and what other Hosts in your area are charging. Remember also that allowing pets means more house cleaning to do, so keep this in mind when thinking about a fee.

Set clear expectations. Be clear about what you want the Guests to keep in mind when bringing a pet into your rental property. Cleaning after their pets is usually one of the requirements, in particular if the household has carpet. In some cases, Hosts increase the cleaning fee they charge, as they expect to clean up some messes left by pets. Others leave cleaning tools specifically to pick up after pets, and make sure the Guests know where to find them as soon as they arrive in the rental property. 

Be helpful. Beyond doing all proper pet house cleaning tasks, do a little research and find pet-friendly restaurant and venues around the area and provide the list to Guests. Also, don’t forget to stock up on pet supplies for the rental property, such as bowls, toys, pillows or dog beds, etc. Some Hosts ask in advance to have a small bag of treats the owner usually provides his/her pet. 

As an Airbnb owner who allows pets Airbnb Cleaning Services in Santa Fe, NM can be your best partners in business. Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning can make your life much easier, as our team of professionals perform all cleaning duties having in mind particular needs of each property in and around Santa Fe. Whatever Airbnb cleaning service you need, you can browse our page to find deep cleaning, exit cleaning services or check-in and check-out cleaning. Call us at (505) 401-4032 and you’ll see why we are the best ally for your vacation, the one and only Airbnb Cleaning Company in Santa Fe.