House Cleaning, but make it sustainable

As a vacation rental or Airbnb owner in Santa Fe, you´re probably always looking for ways to improve your operation. How can I best be of service to my guests? How can I get better reviews? Should I create an additional service so Guests enjoy the house and the town much more?… These and many more questions might be running through your head all the time. And how to clean the property better should be a part of that list of thoughts, since house cleaning is the one thing you know has to be better than great as an Airbnb owner.  

 Looking for sustainable cleaning alternatives may be a solution for you. It’s a fantastic way to help the planet, protect yourself or the house cleaning professionals you work with, and why not, save a bit of money while keeping the house smelling and looking great, a benefit for all, all around. As Airbnb is increasingly focusing on promoting eco-friendly listings and destinations, all properties can include a bit of this sustainability aspect, in many ways. Cleaning is one of those ways, and here are some tips to easily incorporate into your routine: 

1. Reuse, reuse, reuse: Evaluate your cleaning routine and supplies, and identify where you can utilize things that can be reused. How many rolls of paper towels are you using per week? Would it be more practical and eco-friendly to use washable rags and towels for all house-cleaning purposes? 

2. Use glass bottles you can refill time and again: Many eco-friendly cleaning products are now offering this possibility. You buy in bulk and replenish bottles as needed. Think about all the plastic you will be eliminating by making this simple switch! The products are as good and powerful as you need them to be to keep your Airbnb in Santa Fe sparking clean and disinfected. 

3. Make the best of natural products you already use in your life: Good old baking soda, lemon and vinegar come to the rescue when it comes to making your cleaning routine a bit more friendly with the environment. Make the best of the potential of these 3 elements instead of always using harsh chemical cleaners. Vinegar is key to naturally dissolve mold and it’s extremely effective when it comes to disinfecting. Lemon juice is used to get rid of greasy spots and it is a fantastic antibacterial element. Meanwhile, baking soda is excellent for house cleaning, since its versatility allows for usage in countertops, sinks, toilets, glass, plastic, and many other materials.  

4. Substitute for reusable cleaning tools: Old toothbrushes? Sure thing! These are sturdy and get into corners and narrow spaces. Natural sponges are another perfect option. These can be made out of natural materials, like cotton, and the best part is that they can be discarded in the compost once their time is up. 

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is your answer for all Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe. Airbnb cleaning services are not something to skimp on, as cleanliness is a key element for all guests, one that can give you the best reviews when done right or the worst when done wrong. Browse our page to find deep cleaning, exit cleaning services or check-in and check-out cleaning in Santa Fe. We’ve got the personnel and experience you can count on. Call us at (505) 401-4032 and you’ll see why we are the best ally for house cleaning, and your one and only Airbnb Cleaning Company in Santa Fe.