Where to go during spring break? While families plan their escape to adventure parks, many couples just want to relax and do something different. They look on Airbnb to find inspiration. What can they find? Destinations like Santa Fe, a great place to explore with a loved plan and plan a getaway like no other.

Picturesque and charming short rentals are available for couples who want to explore Santa Fe and its surroundings. Cleaning services in Santa Fe tend to these homes, and when requested, can even decorate any room with rose petals or any other romantic gestures. For sure, cleaning services do much more than sanitize and clean!

What can you do with your partner in Santa Fe? Here are some options:  

Decide the destination and activities together: Unless one of you is the person that always plans, look at the destination and decide what you want to do together. If visiting a spa is an option, check out different places and decide what type of treatments you both want and the length of the services.

Choose to do nothing: Spend the entire day relaxing and chilling. Santa Fe is peaceful enough so you can spend the day at the short rental and do as you both please: read, sleep, chat, cook or do some art, as it’s typical in Santa Fe.

Face your fears: Plan an activity for each in which you could help each other face any fear. It doesn’t have to be rock climbing or paragliding. It could be something simple like trying a new food or telling a joke at amateur night at a comedy club.

Enjoy nature: Santa Fe is one of the top destinations in the Southwest for hiking and trekking. There are many options to choose from, for both experts and beginners. What matters is that you make this an outdoor adventure you can both enjoy.

Book a place you both like: Pick a hotel or Airbnb that looks beautiful to you, or one that looks authentically New Mexican. This is a trip to deepen the romance and the connection you have as a couple, and it’s important that you both feel comfortable at the place you will be sleeping in for a couple of days

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