Your calendar is already booked. You are for sure a busy host during the holidays. And you want your guests to have the best experience yet at any vacation rental or Airbnb. What can you do to make that experience better? The expert team from HomeHotel Luxury Cleaning can tell you all the tips and tricks, from cleanliness to decoration and communication with guests.

Before the peak of the season gets here, keep in mind the following tips:

Guests are looking for an experience: Beyond a clean, safe space, guests are looking to have an experience wherever they go. Think about what you can do to create a festive mood in your rental property, something that surprises the guests in a good way. From decorations to some welcoming beverages, you can be creative and add a nice, festive touch.

Supply information: Although most guests do research and plan before visiting a new place, you are the local one, and you probably know more about attractions or things to do then Google itself. Leave a note with suggestions for some activities according to the ages of your guests. Ask in advance about their hobbies or intentions for the trip and try to accommodate those suggestions to their likes.

Spruce up and clean better than ever: As any Airbnb host knows, cleanliness is a number one requirement for Guests, and this is particularly important during high season. If you already work with a cleaning service company, make sure you have a conversation with them to remind them of key areas of the house that need more attention. If you don’t have a cleaning service in Santa Fe, don’t wait to hire one, as it will be the best investment that your Guests will notice and will benefit the ratings you get as a Host.

Think about weather needs: Snow is a frequent guest in Santa Fe, and it’s a good idea to think ahead and plan to have snow shovels, thicker mats or other amenities Guests might need if snows. These types of touches are not only useful but leave a good impression on Guests. Other options to have handy are umbrellas, sunscreens, small snowboards, etc.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is the supportive partner with all home cleaning matters for first time Airbnb Hosts, all-yea-round. Cleaning services for Airbnb property owners are part of our Home Hotel offering, providing outstanding vacation rental cleaning services during the busiest times of the year. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, New Mexico.