You know it very well. You cannot succeed in the industry without great partners to work with. From the booking service you use (whether Airbnb or any other), to the contractors you hire to help you with repairs, and of course, the cleaning service you use to help you turn over from one guest to the next and keep the property pristine.

But what should you expect from your vacation rental cleaning service? How can you select the best one for your needs and how can you communicate your needs better, so your guests leave amazing reviews and find the property clean, comfortable, and refreshed?

As your ideal cleaning associate in Santa Fe, Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning knows a thing or two about vacation rental owners and cleaning services relationships. Here are some key characteristics to always keep in mind:

Flexibility: Establish your check-in and check-out hours and set a time for cleaning crew to come over and do their job. The arrival time should be agreed on in advance with the cleaning company, and after inspecting the property, so Cleaners can accurately estimate how much time is required to leave the house spotless. But leave a little room for flexibility, as some guests leave the house in unacceptable conditions and the cleaning crew must take more time to ‘come to the rescue’.

Communication: Talk to your Airbnb cleaning crew regularly. The services they provide in your property have been established in advance, but they are the ones who come to the place more frequently than you, and they can tell you everything you’d want to know, from the state the guests left the house/apt in, to the possible repairs or issues you should be paying attention to.
For instance, you can set up a check-in chat after each cleaning, so you’re always aware of everything that happens in your rental property.

Go beyond guest turnover: Especially for properties with high rotation, you should establish different types of vacation rental cleaning services. You may need deep cleaning services, or you can even offer Maid Service to your guests. Think about your guests, what they would like to do on vacation and anticipate their needs, so you can determine what type of cleaning services are required.

Contact Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning for all your Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe.  From exit cleaning services to deep cleaning, including bedding services like steaming and ironing, Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning has the expertise and personnel that can to tackle your properties’ cleaning needs 364 days a year. Call us at (505) 401-4032 and you’ll see why we are the best ally for your vacation and Airbnb rental business.