Santa Fe is well known because of the incredible art galleries, southwest-style jewelry masters and many other artsy activities that enchant everyone. But it’s also no mystery that Santa Fe and its surrounding areas are a fantastic place for outdoor activities for everyone’s interests, and hundreds of visitors book vacation rental services to during any season to enjoy the outdoors.

The extensive BLM lands and national forests are simply waiting to be explored by people of all ages. Diversity abounds and there are activities for all: winter skiing, all-year-round hiking, or picnicking along the Santa Fe River Trail on a fresh summer day.

Now that summer is around the corner, here are some outdoor activities to enjoy while staying at an Airbnb or vacation rental in Santa Fe.

Live Music: The Santa Fe Bandstand prepares various concerts several evenings a week from June to August right in the downtown area of the city. The Santa Fe Opera, a spectacular place to enjoy this classic form of entertainment, is also open for business in the summer.

Hiking: The Monte Sol hike offers fantastic views of the city of Santa Fe, or the Sale Ball Trail offers many types of hikes for families and avid hikers to choose. It’s 22-miles long so there are plenty of choices.

Hot Springs: You may have to drive a bit to get to them, but it’s totally worth it. Hot pools such as San Antonio hot springs are ideal for a day excursion the entire family would love. Lake Abiquiu or Lake Katherine are also fantastic choices for day-time wet activities.

Outdoor activities have always been popular in Santa Fe, so now that post-pandemic travelers are looking for more outdoor activities to include in their itineraries, Santa Fe is of course a popular destination.

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