Contrary to what many may think, the pandemic has not completely stopped the impulse and desire to travel. Sure, there has been a slower demand, but Vacation Rental Cleaning Services in Santa Fe have kept busy, whether helping owners do deep cleanings or assisting Airbnb Hosts with all cleaning services required to maintain a healthy, comfortable space for guests.

What does the future look like for Airbnb Hosts and Vacation Rental owners? 2022 started on a sour note but at the same time, many people continue their acquired pandemic-influenced behaviors: looking to work from remote places and exploring cities, states and even countries they’ve always dreamed of but didn’t have the chance to visit or live in before. Here are 4 trends to know in 2022 for all of those involved in the vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning services industries:

Santa Fe is not going out of style: Although coastal and more urban cities see the biggest demand, Santa Fe is still a hot market. Because it’s picturesque. Because it’s stunning. Because it’s close enough to Albuquerque. Although some other cities like Cincinnati have become popular, what’s true is that Santa Fe is a staple for its mix of outdoor and indoor recreation options, which make it a yea-round spot to explore and live in for a couple of weeks or months.

Guests are learning to book in advance: If there is something travelers and Airbnb Guests have learned is to plan with more time in advance, all to ensure they have more choices to pick from, whether they’re looking for an Airbnb or any other vacation rental property. The average time to book ahead is about 60 days.

Kids and pets are the priority: When working from home becomes the norm, families also look for adventure and exploration, and they come with the entire pack. They look for bigger spaces with attractions for children, parks, museums, etc. Airbnb cleaning services are especially important for Hosts based on this trend, as more guests in the house mean more surfaces and areas to thoroughly clean during their stay and after.

Short term rentals continue to succeed: Hotels will always be there, and they’re a good option for travelers. But Airbnb and vacation rentals have become another option for guests, one they choose often according to their needs. These offer variety and flexibility, something travelers are looking for more than ever.

 2022 is also a year where Airbnb and vacation rental owners want their places to be sparkling clean and disinfected from top to bottom, 365 days a week, and Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is the answer!  Call us at (505) 401-4032 for all your cleaning services needs in Santa Fe, the best ally for your vacation and Airbnb rental business. You can choose from superb cleaning services ranging from maid service for Airbnbspecial laundry or deep cleaning, to Airbnb Consulting Services.