Traveling is back! Research from hospitality experts indicates that 2021’s holiday travel is expected to be even bigger than 2019. And this holiday season many check out options such as Airbnb to find places to stay all over the country.

And this traveling wave opens the doors for many to become vacation rental hosts, as they go back to their hometowns or explore the work and their home serves as a ‘home away from home’ for many others. If you are one of those first-time hosts, there are many things you should know. HomeHotel has these 4 tips for you to make it a successful venture:

Santa Fe is on demand: The crisp winter weather, the slopes and the tranquility attract travelers from all over. Expectations of these guests include spotless cleaning. For first time hosts, it’s very important to meet guest cleaning expectations.

Be clear with guests: Once you have been approved as a Host, look for sample Airbnb check in instructions. This will help you create your own instructions easily, customized to your home. You can make it fun and informal, but it’s got to have precise indications and -when needed- pictures/graphics so they are easy to understand for anyone.

Checkout policy: As important as check in instructions are, your checkout policy as an Airbnb Host must be even more precise. A good check out process assures you have the right amount of time and steps to get the place ready for the next Guests. If possible, get a check out instructions sample, and use it to determine necessary steps for your cleaning crew to come in and make the house spotless again. Also, include laundry tips should you allow Guests to use the laundry room.

Meet Guests cleaning expectations: Cleanliness is imperative for any Airbnb host, but in particular for first timers, as the initial reviews can make it or break it. Should you want to allow Guests to use the laundry room, leave instructions and laundry tips. Also, hire a team of experts to support you as an Airbnb or vacation rental Host. This can be the best investment you make for the success of your side business while you travel and have the best of times!

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning can be the supportive partner with all home cleaning matters for first time Airbnb Hosts. Cleaning services for Airbnb property owners are part of our Home Hotel offering, providing outstanding vacation rental cleaning services all-year round. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, New Mexico.