A clean and fresh vacation rental, perhaps? Sure, that could be a hard question to answer, but for guests today, fast WiFi is almost as important as a clean apartment or house.

The pandemic thought everyone that it’s possible to work from home and be efficient, so many are choosing to be digital nomads and hop from one vacation rental to the other while No matter what vacation rental option you choose from, when you get to the location you want to be received by a comfortable place that looks and feels clean.

For vacation rental companies like Airbnb or Vrbo, cleanliness has been a priority instilled in all their hosts. That’s why many rely on experienced cleaning services companies like Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning in Santa Fe. Having professionals in charge of cleaning before and after every guest give hope peace of mind, and guests a better experience away from home.

Now, with the affluence of digital nomads, all cleaning service companies in Santa Fe and other cities in the country have new disinfection and cleaning protocols. These are aimed to improve guests’ experiences and ensure not only the comfort, but the health of all visitors.

But vacation rental companies are looking beyond cleaning services to enhance the stay of all guests. For instance, Airbnb announced at the end of last month that guests now can check the speed of the WiFi of the place they are looking to rent. That’s great news for all, as it’s key to know the vacation rental can support the particular streaming needs each person has, from entertainment to gaming, zooming, etc. Cleanliness plus high-speed WiFi? Where would you go next?

Looking to hire a reliable and professional cleaning services company in Santa Fe? Look no further than Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning. Always ready and prepared to provide outstanding vacation rental cleaning services all-year round, your guests will be delighted and feel totally at home. From exit cleaning services to deep cleaning for any Airbnb property, we’ve got you covered. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, New Mexico.