Things are different now in Santa Fe, as in many other cities in the country where tourism is key. If before cleanliness was a way to attract customers and differentiate from the competition, now cleanliness is beyond a rule. It’s a need that can’t be taken lightly. 

As everyone around the world understands better how to live on the safe side, many have decided to travel, in particular during the upcoming holiday season. And cleaning companies have implemented new measures to guarantee a place that’s not only comfortable but also safe for everyone. Both hosts and guests, can make a difference. 

That’s why vacation home rental companies such as Airbnb have implemented enhanced house cleaning protocols. Hosts commit to disinfect each space of the rental property following new rules, while guests also are invited to enforce social distancing and masks wearing. 

What are the key things on these new enhanced cleaning protocols?

  • Airbnb developed the five-step enhanced cleaning process. And as of November 20, all hosts will be required to commit to it. 
  • Hosts are encouraged to let guests know about all hygiene protocols, including hand cleaning. For some, guests should also stock the property with sufficient hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap products and the like. 
  • Cleaning must go beyond the usual basics, from spaces to product used, in order to sanitize all space according to industry and government-mandate standards.
  • Most companies have also established social distancing policies during check-in and check-out, and during any interactions with guests, staff, neighbors, etc. It’s also suggested these interactions be minimized as much as possible.
  • Guests should also play a role in the cleanliness of the property, and along with often hand cleaning, it’s recommended to remove shoes when entering and establishing an separated area to place them, if not outside by the door.

Now more than ever, Cleaning Companies are the best friends of any vacation rental owner. Cleaning services should be done by professionals so hosts can have peace of mind while taking care of any other guests’ need. And as an Airbnb property owner in Santa Fe, you can get in touch with Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning to get outstanding cleaning services ranging from maid service for Airbnb, special laundry or deep cleaning, to Airbnb Consulting Services. Call us at (505) 401-4032.