Redesign Your Space in Santa Fe

Visitors are welcome! It’s almost autumn in Santa Fe and thanks to more lenient rules, tourism can resume almost as it was before the lockdown. While vacationers decide where and when to go to take a break from being home 24/7, you can use this time to redecorate your Airbnb property or vacation rental, to make sure it’s not only spotless but also very pleasant for visitors.

Where to start? With a clean home. Sometimes a place not too beautifully decorated but thoroughly clean can get better ratings than a gorgeous one with stains and dust. Having a good cleaning services company should be first on your list. Then, once it’s time to redecorate, follow the next tips:

  1. Rethink the furniture: The first step will be to see if any furniture needs to be painted, replaced or perhaps a sofa or some chairs need to be reupholstered. These are easy and non-expensive ways to give a whole new look to any room or property.
  2. Reduce the clutter: Remember that people come to your Airbnb to rest or to have a different experience, so it’s key to make it a place that is beautiful but also practical and peaceful. Think about making the room cozy yet useful, that allows for travelers to organize their stuff and have room to rest.
  3. Pick a focal point and add a pop of color: Many colors will make the space seem feel chaotic, so pick a color scheme with one predominant shade. Also, make sure the space has one focal point, whether it is a painting, a bed, a wall with decorative objects… this one point will make an initial impact as visitors walk in and set the mood of the room.
  4. Lights, camera, action: Sometimes a good lamp at the right spot can make a difference. Is the space lit properly? If there is a window, make sure you are making the best of the light that peeks through. If not, invest some time in thinking how to make the space brighter, starting, for instance, with new color on the walls.
  5. Give it personality: Remember, your guests come to Santa Fe for an experience. What kind of experience do you want to give them? What is the feeling you want them to feel when they walk in? Pick a theme and go for it, with measure and good taste.

The expert team of Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is ready and prepared to provide outstanding cleaning services in Santa Fe, like exit cleaning services and deep cleaning for any Airbnb property. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico.