Online Experiences Are The New Vacation Rentals

Social distancing has made everyone more resourceful and creative. Many Airbnb Hosts in Santa Fe have decided to make renovations, some are taking a break and others are working hard on deep cleaning every area to make it safe for travelers to come back. In general, everyone is simply waiting for things to get better to return to the usual traveling and experiencing different places with locals.

But what happens when the lockdown continues and it’s definitely not safe to travel to some areas of the country or even to a far corner of the city of Santa Fe? As Airbnb and other vacation rental companies have discovered, people not only want a clean and safe place to stay when vacationing, what they crave are different experiences that bring some thrill, learnings and why not… amazing photos. And online experiences were born! 

For instance, Airbnb created a summer festival of Olympian and Paralympian Airbnb Online Experiences featuring more than 100 elite athletes. This is not only a good idea in order to help people do something different during isolation but it also shows another side of the athletes who are teaching others all sorts of skills, from perseverance and discipline to core workouts and scrumptious recipes. 

Keep It Clean

For these athletes and all of those who are at home providing unique, traveling-like experiences via the Internet, one thing is for sure: the spaces need to look clean. Imagine you showing others how to make chocolate croissants while they can clearly see the oven hasn’t been touched since the lockdown started! 

No corner can be neglected, so make sure to test the camera, the lighting and the objects you’ll use for the class, but also look around and take care of cleaning and polishing all the area visible to the camera, from the ceiling to the counter. The camera can hide some angles but it can also enhance others so scrub away, wipe down counters and shine all utensils or gadgets you’ll need. This will for sure make the online experience even better for all participants and give any host better ratings and reviews. 

The experts of Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning can help you with all house cleaning matters to be ready for a show, a class or a family meeting you may have going on… even when it’s online. All cleaning services for Airbnb property owners are part of our Home Hotel offering. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico.