Cleanliness and Other Hot Trends for Airbnb Hosts 

Although Santa Fe has always been a long vacation/temporary home spot for many people around the country and world, no one would have thought the home vacation rental business would have grown as much as it had in the past 10 years. Probably not even the founders of Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc. 

Yet here we are today, with a solid industry that is trying to reignite after the long yet necessary period of quarantine. After making sure your property has been disinfected and clean thoroughly, what else should you consider for this ‘new normal’? Here are 3 trends to keep an eye on and make sure your property follows as the industry changes and evolves. 

Trend #1: Experiences are services
Simply leaving a few chocolates for guests is not going to charm them anymore. Although Airbnb just released its ‘Experiences’ service in 2018, it made profit in 2019… you see where the industry is going. What to do as a Host? Be inventive and partner with different companies in town to offer discounts or even create experiences as another side of the business. Think of your property as another aspect of the vacation or stay for all guests and anticipate solutions for any of their needs. 

Trend #2: Vacationers are Getting Younger and More Diverse
More Millennials and Gen Z’s are taking the road to all places looking to explore the world, Santa Fe included. Expert travelers, they demand what they pay for. Think of your Airbnb property as a place for all sorts of guest to enjoy. Even if it’s more time consuming, take the time to read the profile of the guests and think of easy, affordable little things you can do to surprise and delight them.  

Trend #3: Bring in the Experts
Consumers are demanding more because they are getting more, and the stakes are getting higher. It’s wise then rely on professional companies for key aspects such as cleanliness. Working with a dedicated cleaning company will only bring you benefits, as no matter how trends and tastes change, cleanliness will always be at the top of consumer’s expectations, in particular in a world after a pandemic. 

For home cleaning in Santa Fe, the experts of Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning have every detail covered, from freshen up and exit cleaning services for Airbnb property owners to Maid Service and Home Staging Services. Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico.