A Trick Airbnb Superhosts Use to Maintain Their Status

Cleanliness is the best friend of any Airbnb host, whether in Santa Fe or in any other city in the world.  But in the time of COVID-19 this sentence rings even more real, in particular for Superhosts. As any Airbnb operator knows, a must-have partner is a cleaning company. Achieving that status takes time and effort, so is keeping it and getting good reviews from guests. 

But how to guarantee a clean and disinfected Airbnb environment that not only keeps guests safe but also helps you get a Superhost status? In Santa Fe, Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is the right cleaning company to partner with to get you there. 

Hire a Cleaning Company
It seems like an understatement, yet many hosts still think they are better off hiring a relative or a student who needs a part-time job in order to perhaps, save some money. In reality, hiring people who are not trained and understand the value of cleanliness of any Airbnb space works in your detriment in the long run. 

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning is the ideal partner for any Airbnb host in Santa Fe. Here are three reasons why: 

  • We have trained professionals
    Our personnel know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting and are prepared to do both right. Cleaning is simply removing germs and dirt. Disinfecting implies the use of chemicals to kill germs. Our team uses the right products and procedures to disinfect first and clean after.
  • Our team is well-informed
    Did you know that Airbnb has its own cleaning guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19? Our team does. We always know the latest news and regulations from Airbnb and communicate them to our professionals, for them to add them to our cleaning protocols. Professionals cleaners will know what to do without you having to tell them or remind them.
  • We understand the Superhost Program
    Not everyone gets all the intricacies of achivieving a Superhost status like we do. Yes, you can respond in less than 2 minutes to a guest request. Yes, the Airbnb may have the best view of the city. But if the place doesn’t look, smell and feels fresh and clean, the Superhost status will be that much farther to reach. We understand the importance of cleanliness and freshness, so our professionals take care of the smallest details, which go beyond the objects or spaces that meet the eye.  

The right partner is key to make sure your Airbnb rental is not only comfortable and inviting, but also clean, safe and worthy of Superhost status. So call the cleaning experts of Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning at (505) 401-4032. We offer full Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ranging from special laundry and Airbnb Consulting Services to deep cleaning and more.