COVID-19 and the new rules of cleanliness for Airbnb Hosts

A good rating depends on many things, but let’s face it, cleanliness might be the #1. No one wants to stay at a place that is dusty, and it doesn’t look and feel fresh and clean. This prerogative is even more important now that people are starting to consider traveling again, very slowly, but knowing this is a whole new ball game, in particular for home cleaning, whether in Santa Fe or really anywhere. Cleanliness must be topnotch. 

Traveling in the near future

The logistic has changed, from how and when people book a trip to how that trip takes place and where to do it. Local trips have and will become more common, and there are cities that won’t be seeing tourists for a while, and others may start to reopen as summer comes around the corner.  And cleanliness is the one unifying thing for all those travelers. Same goes for vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts. The protocols of cleanliness have been rewritten and no one can skip one step.

That’s why it’s important to join forces with companies that know about cleaning and can guarantee a service that leaves guests happy, and more importantly, safe and healthy.  

Main Cleaning Recommendations 

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning agrees with one of the many and new Airbnb recommendations: a 24-hour window in between guests at any vacation rental. This is key for both cleaning crew as well as new guests, as a precaution against the possibility of particles that may remain airborne for a few hours.   Sanitation is the main objective of any cleaning. Surfaces will be washed and disinfected, even in and around dark corners of the house. Bathroom and kitchen in particular are key areas to clean and disinfect. The rules of how and when to clean those have also changed and become stricter, and all cleaning services companies should abide to them. 

To keep your guests happy and why not, increase your ratings, make sure your Airbnb rental is spotless from floor to ceiling, call the cleaning experts at (505) 401-4032.

Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning offers full Airbnb cleaning services in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ranging from exit cleaning service or deep cleaning, to special laundry to Airbnb Consulting Services.