Wow Your Airbnb Guests with These Additional Items

You have two choices of hotel rooms; one that provides a bed, bathroom, and nothing more or one that wows you with premium bedding, free toiletries, and free breakfast. Is it a tough choice between the two? No! Everyone prefers finer accommodations (and not to mention, free things) over a bland, dull stay—and the same goes for an Airbnb!

There are two types of Airbnb experiences; the one you expected and the one that wows you—which do you provide? As a host, there are simple changes and additions you can make that will add to your guests’ experience, and furthermore, your ratings and bookings!

One way to wow guests is through amenities, and they’re easily broken down into two categories; essential and additional.

Essential Amenities

Plain and simple, Airbnb states that these are the amenities guests expect you to have in order for them to enjoy a comfortable stay. They’re basic, inexpensive, and odds are you already have them, but ensuring they’re high-quality items and in good condition could add a wow factor for your guests. Altogether, the cost of these items is less than what you’ll make in just one booking—so get them, because if you don’t, it could lead to a drop in search rankings, bookings, and reviews.

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand and body soap
  • One towel per guest
  • One pillow per guest
  • Linens for each guest bed

Additional Items

There are plenty of ways to wow your guests; some are inexpensive while others might cost you a few extra dollars, but it’s all made up for in the increase of bookings you’ll receive from praising reviews and 5-star ratings. It’s important to accommodate both leisure and business guests, so ensure you meet the needs of each by including these items:

  • Iron
  • Hair dryer
  • Coffee maker
  • Closet and drawer space
  • Hangers
  • Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.
  • Tissues by the bed
  • Additional pillows and blankets
  • Private entrance
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Free breakfast and snacks
  • Laundry access or number for nearby service
  • Board games, video games, card games, etc.
  • Extra phone and laptop chargers
  • Work space or desk area
  • Safety items such as fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, smoke alarm, etc.

Still want to add a little more oomph? Try these!

Welcome Gift: Greeting your guests with a little something will set a great impression and set you apart from other stays. It can be simple, such as chocolates or a water bottle, or you can get creative and give them a glimpse of your city with snacks from staple places, a magnet with the state flag, or pamphlets of nearby attractions.

Wi-Fi & Streaming Services: Today, Wi-Fi is a necessity and you most likely already have it, so why not share the password with guests? If you have a TV in the guest room (already an added bonus), consider allowing guests access to your streaming services, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, etc., or allow them to log into their own.

Luxury Cleaning Services: A clean, well-kept area is always appreciated and is one of the most important factors of an Airbnb stay. Keep your space spotless before, after, and even during a guest’s stay with Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning Services! From fresh bedding and towels to mopping and dusting, we’ll make sure you get a 5-star rating!

Check-In: Provide an easy, convenient stay for your guests with 24-hour and self check-in. This is ideal for the business traveler and can be easily achieved through a key box, keypad, or smart lock. Go the extra mile by adding a private entrance for guests.

Wow Guests, Get Five Stars!

An Airbnb stay is all about the experience, and by following these simple steps, you’re sure to provide a wow-worthy one! Additionally, by wowing your guests you’ll increase your ratings, bookings, and more importantly, your earnings. So, what are you waiting for? Get to wowing your guests with these additional amenities today!

For a clean stay that’s sure to wow, turn to Santa Fe’s best—Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning!