How to Become an Airbnb Superhost

It’s the little icon with big significance:

On Airbnb, this is the Superhost badge, recognizing the best, most experienced, and top-rated hosts. For guests, this badge guides them in choosing a host who is sure to provide an extraordinary stay. For hosts, this badge reaps multiple benefits, exclusive rewards, and, of course, bragging rights.

Airbnb introduced this program to celebrate awesome hosts and reward them for their awesome hospitality. Four times a year, or every three months, Airbnb will sift through hosts to see if they meet Superhost criteria. If they do, they’ll be awarded status, the badge will appear on their listing, and they’ll immediately benefit from:

Increased Visibility

Superhosts and their listings stand out more, it’s as simple as that. You’ll be featured more often in search results and emails and the badge will be added to your listing to signify your status. Guests can even filter searches to only show Superhosts, which many do.  

Increased Earning Potential

With an increase in visibility, increased earnings will follow. The badge tells guests that you’re experienced and trustworthy; something everyone wants when booking a stay. More bookings leads to more satisfied guests which leads to more 5-star ratings and recommendations which leads to more bookings—basically, an ongoing cycle of earnings.

Exclusive Rewards

Airbnb gives every host a bonus when they refer new hosts, but as a Superhost, you’ll receive 20% more than the standard bonus. Additionally, after each year of being a superhost, you’ll get a $100 travel coupon!

So, what’s the criteria of a Superhost and how can you meet it? These are the four things Airbnb is specifically looking for:

      1. 4.8 Stars or Higher Overall Rating

Airbnb will remind every guest to leave a review after their stay, so make sure it’s a 5-star review! Achieving this is simple: provide a great experience, get a great review. Set expectations about your listing, then exceed them. Be realistic with your listing’s description and pictures, that way a guest will be satisfied when they get there, rather than disappointed. A clean stay is always expected; be sure to keep your place clean the entire time of a guest’s stay with Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning Services. Be an attentive host, but not too attentive. Communicate with your guests before, during, and after their stay, making sure they know when and where to check in before their arrival, offering local insights during their stay, and thanking them after their stay. Additional amenities will wow guests, and oftentimes are the deciding factors between four and 5-star review. Have tissues by the bed, allow them access to the kitchen or have Wi-Fi and streaming services available. Lastly, if you believe you provided an exceptional experience, don’t be afraid to ask your guest to leave you a 5-star review, because more often than not, they will!

      2. Host 10 or More Stays

Airbnb requires that you successfully host 10 or more stays a year, which shouldn’t be hard at all! Start by making sure your listing price is competitive with others in its area. Search a certain date and the price of all listings similar to yours, then adjust yours accordingly. You can also use the Airbnb smart pricing tool which will adjust your price to supply and demand for you. Set your listing apart even more with an enticing description and quality photos. What attractions are you close to? What amenities do you offer? Is your place newly remodeled? These little details can make a big difference. Additionally, having professional photos can help accurately and artfully portray your place. Do you have a gorgeous view? Show it off! Have a modern, sophisticated aesthetic? Show that off, too!

      3. 90% Response Rate

Airbnb awards Superhost status to those who communicate quickly with guests—it’s that simple. Potential guests are impatient to hear feedback, and the same goes for current guests who are awaiting the Wi-Fi password. Have your message notifications on so that when a guests messages you, you’ll know immediately. Respond right away, and if you don’t know the answer to what they’re asking, communicate that you’re looking into it and will respond ASAP. Airbnb takes into consideration the time you took to respond, not the message itself. For this reason, some hosts use message templates so that they can quickly respond to their guests and give the message a personalized feel. In addition to earning Superhost status, promptly responding to messages also attributes to guest satisfaction and your overall rating!

      4. Less Than 1% Cancellation Rate

This one is a no-brainer—unless you absolutely have to, don’t cancel on your guests. For hosts with fewer than 100 reservations a year, achieving a less than 1% cancellation rate means no cancelations. For hosts with over 100, reservations means you’re allowed one cancellation out of 100 reservations. Airbnb understands that emergency situations or unavoidable circumstances take place, and for this reason, does not take these into account, outlined in: extenuating circumstances. However, if for any other reason you must cancel, do so immediately, apologize, and communicate why.

So there you have it, becoming an Airbnb Superhost in four, easy steps! For additional information on Superhost status, please visit Airbnb, and to keep your place clean before, during, and after a guests stay, call Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning Services at (505) 401-4032.