3 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Guests Feel More at Home

More and more travelers are starting to choose Airbnbs or other vacation homes because they want the feeling of being at home while they’re out exploring a new city. Rather than stale hotels, vacationers are looking for the amenities a home has to offer, such as a full kitchen, multiple rooms, and even a backyard for those days when they want to take a break from sightseeing. By adding a few extra homey touches and amenities to your vacation rental, you can transform your guests’ experience, making them feel more at home, and possibly even earn a great review in return!

Hosting guests can be an exciting new venture because you get to meet people from all around the world and show them your hometown, but it also has its challenges. Making sure your home has everything it needs and then some can mean the difference between earning a superstar host rating and one that’s less than ideal. If you’re ready to wow your guests, consider adding the following to your Santa Fe vacation home:

  • Cleaning service: Probably the most important factor for your Airbnb is making sure it’s not just clean, but spotless! No one wants to come into their Airbnb after a long day of traveling and see dirt and grime or leftover trash from the previous tenant. Rental turnover cleaning services work just like they do for your own home. We can clean your home between each guest so that they have fresh linens, clean floors, and a fresh-smelling stay.
  • Home decor: A stale home that lacks decor and charm isn’t going to get great ratings. People want to stay in a place that is inviting and makes them feel like they can make themselves at home. Adding vases with fresh flowers, cute artsy pieces on the wall, and some comfy pillows and blankets here and there can liven up the place for a relatively small cost!
  • Luxury amenities: Adding certain amenities that guests can use will make their stay just a little bit easier and more relaxing. You can add things such as a microwave, TV, hairdryer, towels, extra linens & pillows, complimentary snacks and coffee, and the list goes on! Just by incorporating a few of these things into your home, you’ll impress your guests and will be sure to earn a couple of extra stars on your review!

If you want your Santa Fe vacation rental to make a great lasting impression, then choose Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning today! Not only do we provide high-quality cleaning services, we can also dress up your Airbnb to exceed expectations and earn you those 5 stars!