How a Cleaning Service Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, one thing is clear: cleanliness is imperative. An unkempt home can be the deciding factor if someone decides to make an offer. Understandably, people want a home that looks beautiful—one that they can actually see themselves living in. People don’t often think about how much goes into preparing a home and getting it ready to sell, and that can sometimes be their downfall. The real estate market is a competitive one, and to ensure your house attracts the most offers, you should consider choosing a Santa Fe real estate cleaning service such as Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning!

No matter if your home is a rental or you’re selling it for good, any homeowner or real estate agent can benefit from the detailed and experienced services offered by a professional house cleaner!

Santa Fe Home Rental Cleaning Services

Move out cleaning – Home Hotel offers exceptional move out cleaning services and prepares your home for the next homeowner or renter. Move out cleaning includes making sure every corner of the house is spotless, and includes cleaning areas such as the interior, patio, backyard, garage, front yard, and more!

During the move in/move out process, our team will also inspect all appliances to make sure they are in working condition, including refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwaves, faucets, and more! No leaks will pass our inspection process. We meticulously clean all the nooks and crannies that are often forgotten about, such as outlets, light bulbs, vents, beams, and doors. Our goal is to help you make an amazing impression on the next potential homeowners!

Staging open houses – Another key component to selling your house is making it feel like a home and not an empty shell. It is easier for people to commit to buying a house when they can see its potential! Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning prepares Santa Fe homes for their big debut on the market with professional staging services! Realtors and owners alike use this service to make a home look more appealing and stand out from the rest. As a real estate cleaning service, we can help stage your home whether it’s already furnished or not, as well as provide beautiful flowers and other elements to make the house feel more homey. We also make beds, stage bathrooms, and add certain details to catch the eye of a person eager to find their perfect new home!

By putting emphasis on the little details, we’re able to give your home the sparkle it needs to show new home buyers that yours has the most to offer. By staging and cleaning your home, you’re able to have a leg up over the competition and improve your chances of finding a potential buyer or renter in no time! If you’re looking for outstanding cleaning and home staging service for your home, choose Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning in Santa Fe!