Santa Fe, NM: The perfect mix of history, art and magic

The capital of New Mexico is a small town with a worldly vibe. Once you’re here you feel at home, yet turning a corner may take you into a new world of discovery and excitement.

The locals know it, and that’s precisely why they chose to live here. Tourist and frequent visitors have also found out, and decide to stop by for a week, a month or more. Why? Because Santa Fe is simply magical. Perhaps it’s the color of the sunset when it hits the mountains or the fresh air during any winter morning. What they all know is that once you visit Santa Fe, a piece of your heart will stay here forever.

Is it its history?

Founded by Spanish colonists in 1610, Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the United States. The city was designed under the Spanish Pueblo Revival Look, and to this day, strict regulations ensure the city reflects its history and traditions. When walking about town, take a look at the Palace of the Governors; this was the building that started it all, and the city reflects that charm everywhere you look.

Is it the art?

The location, the weather, the setting and its history has always attracted artists from all over, so much so that the city was designated as UNESCO Creative City in Design, Crafts and Folk Art. Of course, all you have to do is take a stroll along Canyon Road, a street east of the Plaza in the center of town, and you’ll see the highest concentrations of art galleries in the city. At these galleries and other arts and crafts stores in the city, visitors can find an extensive array of experimental, Southwestern, indigenous American  and Native American pieces. From necklaces to rings and precious works of art, beauty lovers will find themselves in a heaven made by hand.

Is it the food?

Southwestern cuisine will always have a spot in the city, and it’s the style of food that used to attract foodies from near and far. And it’s precisely those food lovers who also pushed the envelope and propelled the arrival of chefs who decided to ‘mix it up’ a bit. Today, Santa Fe cuisine goes beyond a plate full of green Chiles to a batch of New Mexican and international ingredients. Today, ideas, approaches and flavors have found a new home, and the restaurant scene alone is worth a 3-day trip to Santa Fe.

Is it the property value?

Although a luxury home in Santa Fe is one priced at above $1 million dollars, realtors still consider Santa Fe an affordable first and second home market for buyers. Think about it: there’s easy access through Albuquerque, it’s known as the best city in the country to retire and it has all types of homes: from Pueblo style family homes to ranches in Spanish Pueblo style… all sorts of options for single people, families or those who want a property for vacation rental business. With all the city has to offer, it’s simply a no-brainer.

Whatever your reason to consider Santa Fe as a place to invest in, you won’t be disappointed. The city has options for everyone, along with companies that make your investment a profitable one, like Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning. We’re here to make sure your vacation rental is always spotless and welcoming to all guests.