“I want to put my investment property up on Airbnb and make a killing”, is the thought that crosses many homeowners in Santa Fe. Yet turning a home or apartment into a vacation rental it’s not just that simple.

Current and potential Airbnb hosts must have the time and space to dedicate to their business and more importantly, rely on a good cleaning service. That’s simply a must, whether in Santa Fe or any other city. Along with safety, cleanliness is the main quality any vacation rental should have.

So, after hiring the best cleaning service, what else can you do to host responsibly?

Here are some tips provided by Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning a leader in vacation rental cleaning services in Santa Fe:

Follow the law: You don’t want your guests to be visited by city inspectors or any other officials because your vacation rental property doesn’t comply with all local laws.

Check In/Check Out: They should meet you, see your face. That will make the experience more personal. It will also help you assess the condition of the property prior to visitors or as they are leaving.

Be as clear as possible: Providing clear directions and rules is the best way to ensure guests have a great experience.

Don’t skimp on essentials: It’s a matter of hospitality. If your Airbnb ad says you’ll provide personal care essentials, simply do so. Don’t skimp on shampoo, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc. You can also suggest they hire a cleaning service if they are staying for more than a week or suggest they can hire that cleaning service with your help.

Write a review: And be honest. It not only helps other hosts avoid any troublesome guests, but it’s also a way to get your property more traction.

Looking for cleaning companies in Santa Fe? Look no further than Home Hotel Luxury Cleaning a team of experts with extensive experience in all cleaning services in Santa Fe. Vacation rental owners trust us to take care of all cleaning needs, and we’re just a phone call away! Call (505) 401-4032 for a complete and certified cleaning service in Santa Fe, New Mexico.